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                            QUISO NEGRO

Pero allí donde está el peligro crece también lo que salva
F. Hölderlin

Quiso Negro
deals with the idea of disappearance through action, exploring the ritual use of acoustic, rhythmic, kinetic and iconographic patterns. For this reason, it draws on tarantism and its arsenal of myths to traverse a wide-ranging, even contradictory, spectrum of possession scenarios and actual catharsis: from forms of duel in ritualised burials to the unregulated ecstasy of the rave.

The work seeks the potential of the body and the image on stage to go beyond the choreographic.

Quiso negro speaks of death in everyone, and can be seen as a journey through its vitalistic aspects: a katabasis, a festive descent.

Premi de Dansa Institut del Teatre 2023
Premiere Festival Grec Barcelona
23th and 24th July 2024
Teatre Ovidi Montllor

Coproduction Festival Grec, Institut del Teatre, Mercat de les Flors

With the support of La Piconera, La Caldera, Graner i Fabra i Coats

Idea, direction: Ester Guntín

Choreography:  Ester Guntin with the collaboration of the performers

Performers: Marina Capel, Anna Climent, Marti Forcada, Glòria Garcia, Héctor Puigdomènech, Isaac Verdura

Light design: Andreu Fàbregas and Isabel Ruiz del Moral 

Sound design and music composition: Nil Ciuró

Scenography: Pol Roig 

Dramaturgy: Paula Errando

Direction assistant: Aida Mayoral 

Choreography assistant: Héctor Puigdomènech

Text: Rafael Argullol

Production: Muntsa Roca - Lilabrick

External view: Quim Palmada and Lipi Hernàndez

Sound design and music composition 15’: Clara Aguilar

Images 15’ version, Mercat de les Flors, december 2023 by Jordi Vidal

Images: Lola Errando

Thanks to Clara Aguilar, Mariona Moranta, Joan Morey, Roberto Fratini, Natalia Barraza.